Regular Classes & Activities

(B) = brothers only; (S) = sisters only
MonQuran Reading & Memorisation (B)6pm-8pmResumes 28/7/15
Do you know Allah?After MaghrebSh. Arshad
TueMum and Bubs Iqra & Playgroup (S)9:30-11:30am$100 per term
What Allah Loves (S)9:30-11:00amSr. Um Abdullah
Girls Youth Activities Club (S)5pm-6:30pm$75 per term
Quran Reading & Memorisation (S)6pm-8pmResumes 28/7/15
Islamic Classes 4 Everyone7pm-9pmCem Huseyin
WedFiqh & Tawheed (S)9:30am-11:30Sr. Samira
Quran Reading & Memorisation (B)6pm-8pmResumes 28/7/15
ThuMum and Bubs Iqra & Playgroup9:30-11:30am$100 per term
Quran Reading & Memorisation (S)6pm-8pmResumes 28/7/15
FriJumuah Khutbah1:30pmVarious Speakers
Quran Reading & Memorisation (B)6pm-8pmResumes 28/7/15
Stories of the SahabaMaghreb to Isha Ahmad Ayyad
SatIqra 4 Kids10am-1pmBoys 6-8, Girls 6-12
Street Dawah (B)11am-4pmMelb CBD
Quran Reading & Memorisation (S)6pm-8pmResumes 28/7/15
SunBoys Indoor Soccer After Dhuhr (1.5hrs)7-13 yrs.
6 daysQuran TafsirAfter Fajr (not Fri)Abu Hamza
7 daysIndoor Sports Court HireBusiness Hours$40-$60p/h

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Timeline Photos

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Photos from IISNA's post

May Allah bless and reward the brothers who worked hard for the last two weekends to clear out all the soil from mycentre car park. If we find anyone dumping rubbish or soil in the car park we will dump them in fawkner cemetery.

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Today's Khutba 27th Nov 2015 Ustadh Abu Hamzah Justice in Islam

Assalamu alaykum last Fridays khutba,highly recommend. https://youtu.be/WHL2x6ljthg

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Islamic Classes 4 Everyone – now weekly | MyCentre

Assalamu alaikum everybody This Tuesday’s Topics: 1st of December, at 7pm —Topics— ****Master Key for Da’wah**** Special Guest: Br Sahir Naga**** Based on Surah Ali-Imran 3:104 “Say, “O People of the Scripture, come to a word that is equitable between us and you – 1. that we will not worship except Allah 2. and not associate anything with Him and not take one another as lords instead of Allah..

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Bismillah, many people are asking about IISNAs position of not getting involved in rallies and demonstrations. Please respect our opinion. IISNA does not condone or participate in protests and rallies for the following reasons: a) We can not control what happens at protests. Any individual or group which breaks the law or does anything illegal can give all the other participating organisations a bad..

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Asalam Alaykum respected brothers and sisters note that AHMED Iad class tonight is canceled, we apologise for any inconvenience.

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