Regular Classes & Activities

(B) = brothers only; (S) = sisters only
MonGirls Youth Activities Club (S)5pm-6:30pm$75 per term
Quran Reading & Memorisation (B)6pm-8pm
TueMum and Bubs Iqra & Playgroup (S)9:30-11:30am$100 per term
What Allah Loves (S)9:30-11:00amSr. Um Abdullah
Quran Reading & Memorisation (S)6pm-8pm
Islam 4 All Classes7pm-9pmCem Huseyin
WedFiqh & Tawheed (S)9:30am-11:30Sr. Samira
Quran Reading & Memorisation (B)6pm-8pm
ThuMum and Bubs Iqra & Playgroup9:30-11:30am$100 per term
Quran Reading & Memorisation (S)6pm-8pm
FriJumuah Khutbah1:30pmVarious Speakers
Quran Reading & Memorisation (B)6pm-8pm
Stories from the Past7pmAhmad Ayyad
SatAn-Nur Weekend Class9am-12pmBoys 6-8, Girls 6-10
starts 6/2/16
Tazkiyyah 4 Girls9am-12pmGirls 9-14
Starts 6/2/16
Street Dawah (B)11am-4pmMelb CBD
Quran Reading & Memorisation (S)6pm-8pm
SunBoys Indoor Soccer After Dhuhr (1.5hrs)7-13 yrs.
6 daysQuran TafsirAfter Fajr (not Fri)Abu Hamza
7 daysIndoor Sports Court HireBusiness Hours$40-$60p/h

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Allaho Akbar: while I was overseas I missed most seeing people embrace the religion of prophets Ibrahim Moses Jesus Mohammed peace be upon them all , and Alhamdolillah tonight a sister became a muslimer.

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Islam 4 All Classes – now weekly | MyCentre

Assalamu alaikum everybody! This Tuesday’s Topics: 2nd of May, at 7pm ***The Life of Prophet Muhammad (saw) – Highlights , Lessons & Important Principles: A 6 Part Series*** Session 4 1. Lessons from the Prophethood until the Boycott of the Muslims 2. Isra’ wal Miraj 3. The Migration to Madinah and lessons derived from it. 4. The Description of Prophet Muhammad (saw). Islam 4 All Classes For Muslims,..

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Misguided Imams By Ustadh Abu Hamza Jummah khutba @ MYCentre 29/04/16

Asalam Alaykum Khutba that had to be delivered last Friday. https://youtu.be/zqIdPQldNRk

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Asalam Alaykum from the olympic show grounds in sydney.

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Photos from IISNA's post

Alhamdolillah the atmosphere here in sydney is great the shakys and daees met last night and we ask Allah the almighty to make this event successful and beneficial to all.

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Photos from IISNA's post

Alhamdolillah: these students are overwhelmed of having their first excursion, may Allah reward everyone that contributed.

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Asalam Alaykum an advise from ustath abo Hamzah to the youth after isha outside mycentre.

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