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Stories of the Sahaba

7:30pm Fridays at Mycentre. Presented by brother Ahmad Ayyad. Open to brother and sisters. There are around 124,000 prophets and messengers in total. The Quran mentions only 25 of these. ...

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Mycentre Child Care - Centre Manager Required

CENTRE MANAGER REQUIRED – MYCENTRE CHILDCARE Experienced Centre Manager in Children’s services January Start Become Part of MyCentre service precinct If you are an experienced and passionate Centre Manager who wants to serve your ...

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The Burqa and Niqab - Uncovering the Facts

The burqa and niqab have become a topic of much controversy and heated debate. A number of countries have banned the wearing of these religious garments, while others have considered ...

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Boys Kickboxing Lessons

Kids Boxing and kickboxing lessons for children aged 10-15yrs old. Tuesdays & Thursday 5-6pm. $5 per child per lesson Kids must bring own gloves, boxing hand wraps, water bottles and towel (can ...

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Mum and Bubs Iqra Playgroup Sessions

Coming soon inshaAllah! For mothers with young children who would like to learn to read quran. Registrations for this term Is $60 per Mum. Children are free. Sessions will run on Thursdays ...

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Muslim Women's Futsal Cup

Muslim Women's Futsal Cup. Sisters only 5-a-side tournament with lots of fun and prizes. Sunday 9 November, 8:45am. $100 per team. All games to be placed at Mycentre, 31 Kraft Court ...

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Islamic Classes 4 Everyone

For Muslims, New Muslims & All People Interested in Islam Covering the essentials of the Religion of Islam using a reflective and interactive approach. Classes will be held on Tuesdays (fortnightly) focusing ...

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Monday Hadith Class - Sh. Salah Soueid

Lecture series on the 40 Hadith of An-Nawawi - Every Monday 7:30pm presented by Shaykh Salah Souied. A study of the most concise yet comprehensive hadith of the Prophet peace be ...

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Last Fridays Khutbah by brother Ahmad Ayyad

8 likes, 1 comments9 hours ago

Very beautiful and concise dua.

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Less than 10 days to go. Register now as there are limited spots available.

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Holiday program for kids at MyCentre. 5th of Jan and 12th of Jan. Call to book – limited spaces.

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For non-Muslims interested in talking to a Muslim about Islam, eDialogue offers a 24/7 live chat service where you can speak to a knowledgable person about Islam. Alhamdulillah, and by the grace of Allah alone, the eDialogue website recieves 20,000 daily visitors with about 15 people accepting Islam everyday from various parts of the world! http://www.edialogue.org/

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Sh. Salah is sick today so tonights Haddith class at Mycentre is cancelled. May Allah give him a speedy recovery.

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