Eid prayer will be at 8am on Wednesday 6th July at Mycentre.

Regular Classes & Activities

(B) = brothers only; (S) = sisters only
MonGirls Youth Activities Club (S)5pm-6:30pm$75 per term
Quran Reading & Memorisation (B)6pm-8pm
TueMum and Bubs Iqra & Playgroup (S)9:30-11:30am$100 per term
What Allah Loves (S)9:30-11:00amSr. Um Abdullah
Quran Reading & Memorisation (S)6pm-8pm
Islam 4 All Classes7pm-9pmCem Huseyin
WedFiqh & Tawheed (S)9:30am-11:30Sr. Samira
Quran Reading & Memorisation (B)6pm-8pm
ThuMum and Bubs Iqra & Playgroup9:30-11:30am$100 per term
Quran Reading & Memorisation (S)6pm-8pm
FriJumuah Khutbah12:30pmVarious Speakers
Quran Reading & Memorisation (B)6pm-8pm
Stories from the Past7pmAhmad Ayyad
SatAn-Nur Weekend Class9am-12pmBoys 6-8, Girls 6-10
starts 6/2/16
Tazkiyyah 4 Girls9am-12pmGirls 9-14
Starts 6/2/16
Street Dawah (B)11am-4pmMelb CBD
Quran Reading & Memorisation (S)6pm-8pm
SunBoys Indoor Soccer After Dhuhr (1.5hrs)7-13 yrs.
6 daysQuran TafsirAfter Fajr (not Fri)Abu Hamza
7 daysIndoor Sports Court HireBusiness Hours$40-$60p/h

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Asalam Alaykum don’t forget the charger please !

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O’Allah free Palestine from the terrorist Zionists.

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Alhamdolillah this is the result of discrimination and racism.

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Masha Allah- great saying from a great man- “We will open up the masajid and the Azan will be called out, and let the opposition suffer. We are the majority. Alcohol will not be served in public areas and the complaints will not stop us.” IISNA does not receive any financial support from Turkey -not even a shish kebab- but we know he is the best Muslim leader of our time, and Insha Allah, through our..

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Asalam Alaykum we would like to inform you that tonight there is a lecture in Arabic and English by Shayk Zaid zakaria bakar, at 272 millers road north altona which is organized by newport mosque Australian islamic center, starting time 7pm.

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Insha Allah this man will be one day the leader of the muslim world and he would rule by shariah.

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To Be A Muslim Jummah khutba @ MYCentre 15/07/16

Alhamdolillah a Khutba which was delivered by Shayk khalid Saba alalami and translated by abo Hamzah. https://youtu.be/2IXnBCoF6A4

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