Regular Classes & Activities

(B) = brothers only; (S) = sisters only
MonGirls Youth Activities Club (S)5pm-6:30pm$75 per term
Quran Reading & Memorisation (B)6pm-8pm
TueMum and Bubs Iqra & Playgroup (S)9:30-11:30am$100 per term
What Allah Loves (S)9:30-11:00amSr. Um Abdullah
Quran Reading & Memorisation (S)6pm-8pm
Islam 4 All Classes7pm-9pmCem Huseyin
WedFiqh & Tawheed (S)9:30am-11:30Sr. Samira
Quran Reading & Memorisation (B)6pm-8pm
ThuMum and Bubs Iqra & Playgroup9:30-11:30am$100 per term
Quran Reading & Memorisation (S)6pm-8pm
FriJumuah Khutbah1:30pmVarious Speakers
Quran Reading & Memorisation (B)6pm-8pm
Stories from the Past7pmAhmad Ayyad
SatAn-Nur Weekend Class9am-12pmBoys 6-8, Girls 6-10
starts 6/2/16
Tazkiyyah 4 Girls9am-12pmGirls 9-14
Starts 6/2/16
Street Dawah (B)11am-4pmMelb CBD
Quran Reading & Memorisation (S)6pm-8pm
SunBoys Indoor Soccer After Dhuhr (1.5hrs)7-13 yrs.
6 daysQuran TafsirAfter Fajr (not Fri)Abu Hamza
7 daysIndoor Sports Court HireBusiness Hours$40-$60p/h

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Asalam Alaykum dear brothers and respected sisters, tonight our beloved brother Billal Asad was explaining an advise which the prophet ( pbuh) presented to moaz ibn jabal ( radia Allaho anho). Alhamdolillah today after Khutba we raised 78.300.00 may Allah bless you all.

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Masha Allah a great advise by ustath omar marzook he warned about the sickness of selfishness, it was delivered at masjid AISHA last night.

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Alhamdolillah , ustath Billal Asad explains what is permitted and forbidden in relation to backbiting at masjid Aisha.

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Alhamdolillah our respected Shayk abdul majeed Ibn Salih ibn Abdulaziz almansoor will be with us Insha Allah every morning after fajir and wil be give an explantation of the most amazing story in the quran(the story of Yousif).

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Masha Allah a great advise from brother Takeadean during taraweeh Tonight .

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Alhamdolillah we at iisna fully support and stand by Shaykh Shadi’s comments on homosexuality and disagree with the prime minister . We reserve the right to respectfully disagree with certain actions and lifestyles. As Muslims, we will never compromise our religion for anyone and our beautiful religion is perfect .Islam will remain unchaged in modern society and will not evolve and change with time.

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Ustadh Abu Hamza giving a short talk in between taraweeh prayers at Mycentre. Including this beautiful quote, ‘Ali (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: “What I fear for you is following your desires and hoping for a long life, for following one’s desires makes a man ignore the truth, and hoping for a long life makes him forget the Hereafter. (Fath al-Baari, 11/236).

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