MyCentre Halal Matchmaking Registration


Before registering please note that to qualify for this event you must be...

  • an Australian or New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident.

  • single, divorced or widowed.

  • not currently married by sharia to anyone.

  • be a Sunni Muslim.

  • must register on behalf of yourself only.

  • within the age rage requested on the flyer.

Click on below sections to fill details:

If you do not agree to the following terms and conditions you are not authorised to use this website. Any misuse of this website or breach of the terms and conditions will result in a cancellation of your account with no refund.

  • You must fit the criteria mentioned on the event flyer, all payments are final, any breach of the criteria will result in a rejection of your registration and no refunds.

  • You must over 18 and a practicing Sunni Muslim to register for this and fit the age criteria for the event you are registering for..

  • You must pray 5 times a day and fulfill all your fardhs.

  • You must be single / divorced or widowed and not currently married under Islamic law or Legally in Australia or any other country.

  • You must be currently residing in Australia long term.

  • You must be an Australian citizen or Permanent resident.

  • You must ensure all the information provided in your registration application is true and correct. Any misleading or inaccurate information may lead to termination of your account.

  • You must clearly and accurately disclose your visa status, anyone who purposely conceals their visa status will be rejected.

  • You agree that once you have accepted mutual interest with another party your photo will be exchanged with them.

  • You agree that all communications in this program will be via mediated zooms or through family members and in accordance with sharia.

  • MyMatch will not be held accountable for couples once the family is involved.

  • MyMatch is not responsible for doing background checks on its members, we expect the Wali and other family members to take on this responsibility once a couple have shown mutual interest.