Ramadan Announcement 2023


Ramadan Mubarak from MyCentre and IISNA World Aid to our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world! As the blessed month of Ramadan begins, we pray that Allah (SWT) showers His blessings upon us and grants us the strength to observe this month with sincerity and devotion.

We are pleased to announce that tomorrow (Thursday. the 23rd of March), we will begin our fast and pray Taraweeh after Isha at 8:50 PM. We invite everyone to join us in these blessed acts of worship and experience the peace and blessings of Ramadan.

Let us use this holy month to reflect on our deeds, seek forgiveness, and strengthen our faith. May Allah (SWT) accept our prayers and grant us His mercy and blessings.

Join us this #MyRamadan2023 as we come together to celebrate this blessed month and make the most of this opportunity to grow closer to Allah (SWT). Ramadan Mubarak!


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