Ramadan 2023 / 1444

Join us at MyCentre for a spiritually uplifting Ramadan 2023!
MyCentre RAMADAN 2023

Ramadan Activities

Join us at MyCentre for a spiritually uplifting Ramadan 2023! Our Isha prayer time will be at 8:50 PM, followed by Taraweeh prayers.

We are excited to welcome occasional special guests who will be joining us throughout Ramadan to share their soothing recitation, wisdom and knowledge here at MyCentre. 

For our sisters, we have a separate area to ensure a comfortable and inclusive environment for all

Child Minding at MyCollege

Child minding is be available for sisters at MyCollege. We request you to pick up your child immediately after Taraweeh prayers to ensure everyone can go home on time.


Ramadan 2023 Announcement

Ramadan 2023 Calendar and Prayer Timetable

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Our Vision

To establish a multi-purpose youth-oriented community centre that will cater for the ongoing needs of the culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities of Northern suburbs. By providing a range of activities in a positive and supportive environment, we hope to develop physical, social and emotional growth in our youth. We seek to engage our youth in a relaxed and, non-confrontational environment thus minimising the opportunity and need for harmful risk-tasking behaviour.
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