IISNA World Aid is a charity. As said, it is a non-profit organization. IISNA World Aid is a peacemaker and helper. It helps people around the world not only in natural disasters but in disease breakout and war. In another word, it helps people that seek help. We build houses for the homeless, we provide aid to natural disaster victims or War.

The purpose of the association is to relieve poverty by undertaking any of the following activities:

  • Providing temporary shelter or accommodation for homeless people so that they don’t have to sleep on the street or on bare land.

  • Providing parcels of food and other essential grocery items to homeless people and others who cannot afford to buy basic food and groceries for themselves.

  • Providing clothing to people who are homeless and others who cannot afford to buy clothing for themselves.

  • Money and goods to people who have lost their homes due to bushfires, war, persecution, human rights violations or other disasters, to ensure that they can have a modest standard of living while they are recovering from losing their homes.

  • Temporary accommodation to people who have suffered the loss of their homes due to war or persecution, or other disasters, to assist in relieving their immediate distress and needs due to their loss.

  • Provide education materials like books and stationery to children so that they can afford to get a decent job when they are older and support themselves, their families, and the community.