MyVoice Media is an Islamic media production company based in Melbourne, Australia. We strive to create quality content that focuses on raising awareness of Islamic education and social issues in the western Muslim community. MyVoice will present to you the latest news and updates on current issues affecting the communities and bring awareness of what Islam really is about.

Mission: Our contents and videos are designed to revive the dead hearts of some believers, thus promote praised qualities of being a Muslim. We believe with conscious decision making every individual can align their lives according to commandments of Allah and the teachings of the final Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Vision: We believe the rectification of one’s character, steadfastness in worship, having just social and monetary dealings with the common folk, will pave the way to a brighter future (for every living soul). By doing so, we can be an example for non-Muslims and be on the forefront of peace.

We consider that Dawah (calling) towards Allah the Lord and Sustainer of the Universe; is the best methodology and the first Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). We want his message to reach the four corners of the world. In Australia, we want the youth to feel safe, happy and be proud of being Muslim Aussies.