Inspiring Change: What We Do, Vision, History

What We Do

We offer a range of services catering to both Muslims and Non-Muslims in Australasia, including an Islamic school, café, swimming pool, and separate gyms for men and women. Our facilities aim to foster physical and spiritual development, particularly among youth, helping them become active contributors to society. Our offerings include daily prayers, sports, counseling for issues like substance abuse, family reconciliation, childcare, and religious education classes, addressing various needs and promoting positive attributes.

Our Vision

To establish a multi-purpose youth-oriented community centre that will cater for the ongoing needs of the culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities of Northern suburbs. By providing a range of activities in a positive and supportive environment, we hope to develop physical, social and emotional growth in our youth. We seek to engage our youth in a relaxed and, non-confrontational environment thus minimising the opportunity and need for harmful risk-tasking behaviour.


Founded by Samir Mohtadi, alias Abu Hamza, IISNA emerged from its predecessor, IISCA. Initially located in Melbourne's CBD before moving to Brunswick, IISNA has hosted significant events, including lectures by Zakir Naik in 2004, and expanded its influence across major Australasian cities and Indonesia, especially after the 2004 Tsunami. In 2010, it announced plans for a new youth centre, MyCentre, reinforcing its commitment to serving Melbourne's Muslim community.

Asked Questions

Find fast answers in our FAQ about MYCentre's key services and opportunities.

MyCentre stands as a central hub for the Muslim community in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs, providing an array of activities, events, and programs that cater to the diverse needs of our community members. At MyCentre, we’re committed to fostering a welcoming environment where every Muslim and Non-Muslim can find support, education, and opportunities for personal growth.

Yes, Multicultural Youth Centre Ltd (MyCentre) is a registered charity, actively supporting young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds to build better lives in Australia. Established on 24 June 2010, it has been dedicated to offering a wide range of programs. ABN: 42144810944

MyCentre is dedicated to inclusivity for both men and women, ensuring all community members have a welcoming space for worship and engagement. Our new facility, MyPulse, features a designated area exclusively for women, offering privacy and comfort. This space hosts women-only classes that are run and managed by women,

Yes, ample parking is available for visitors at MyCentre. While many have found our parking facilities convenient, we recommend parking at a distance to minimise congestion. Consider using the nearby shopping centre parking, which is just a short 7-minute walk away, ensuring easier access and a smoother experience for all attendees.

Absolutely. MyCentre regularly holds Jummah prayers, along with all five daily prayers, at our mosque, Majid Aisha. We accommodate multiple sessions for Jummah to support our growing community. For updated prayer times and schedules, please refer to our official website or get in touch with us directly.

Those interested in contributing or volunteering at MyCentre are encouraged to reach out through our website or by visiting us in person. We are open to all forms of support, from event planning and educational tutoring to any other assistance community members wish to offer. Volunteering with us is a fantastic way to give back and engage with the community.